“The Greatest Dancer” is the name of a show in the U.K. It’s like “Britain’s Got Talent,” but only dancers can enter. Andrew, a young man, recently danced on stage and shocked both the audience and the judges. He could dance well, but that wasn’t what surprised everyone. He has Down syndrome, and everyone just thought he’d do a nice little dance, get applause, and then they’d move on to the next dancer.

They didn’t expect a dance that was so amazing by any measure that they couldn’t believe it. Before the show started, Andrew’s mom was on the sidelines cheering him on and showing him how to start. But something magical happened when Andrew started dancing to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” He even finished his route with a cartwheel (!!!) and splits with one hand. Check out the video.

Andrew got 75% of the audience’s vote for that performance, which opened the mirror doors to show the three judges.

Judge Cheryl, who is 35 years old, was so upset that she couldn’t stop crying.

“I’m just so moved by everything, that was incredible. To see how happy you are and how much you love being in front of people is such a special moment. You should be happy with what you’ve done. You should definitely do this more, because it’s good for your soul and you’re good at it.

After his show, his mom joined him on stage, and he gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek.

Tom, who was his best friend, couldn’t hide his excitement. Tom also has Down syndrome, and he was helped up to the stage, where the two young men rushed together in a heartwarming and uplifting hug. Andrew’s mother said that he began dancing when he was 11 years old.

“He had a natural sense of rhythm. It made him happy and gave him his first taste of dancing. Andrew’s confidence and sense of self-worth have grown thanks to dance.”

Someone asked, “Is Andrew’s mom happy?”

We’re all very happy. We all look up to Andrew. We loved seeing this young man dance, and we hope he does well in his career.