Most people visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to mourn and think in silence. Many people who go there get a strong sense of something bigger than themselves. In short, it’s one of those landmarks that really speaks to the people who live near it. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier should be treated with the utmost respect, and usually is.

After all, it reminds us of all the people who have fought and died without being able to find out who they were. So, people who don’t respect the holy nature of the place stand out.

The people in this story happened to be laughing in the crowd near the tomb. It didn’t take long before a soldier straightened things out…

On the video of the event, you can see the soldier who was guarding the tomb walk around the area in front of it.

Obviously, a lot of people came to pay their respects, and laughter can be heard coming from a group of people behind the camera.

The soldier quickly took charge of the situation by turning around and facing the crowd. He then yelled at those who wouldn’t be quiet on such holy ground.

In a tone typical of the military, he tells them in no uncertain terms that they need to show the right amount of respect.

His message was heard loud and clear, so that’s not a surprise.

At a place like this, you should always be aware of where you are and what it means. It doesn’t take much to give others the peace of mind they want by just being quiet, and we should always show respect to those who gave their lives for the freedoms and liberties we have today.