Planning a wedding often involves the excitement of choosing the perfect wedding dress. Brides frequently seek the assistance of their loved ones to find that dream gown, creating lasting memories from the search to the moment they walk down the aisle.

It’s no secret that wedding dresses can be quite pricey. According to The Knot, the average cost of a wedding dress in 2022 was around $1,900. Although it may seem like a substantial amount to spend on a single day, many believe it’s a worthwhile investment since the memories associated with the dress will endure. However, a group of women had a different idea.

A mother from Texas named Terri Bonin, along with her four daughters and two daughters-in-law, garnered widespread attention when they shared an Instagram post in May 2023. The post featured the women dining out together, all clad in their wedding gowns. Terri Bonin, a mother to 11 children ranging from 9 to 31 years old, explained that they had a monthly tradition of enjoying an evening out together, free from husbands and toddlers, to savor good food and conversation. This time, they decided to spice up the tradition by donning their glamorous wedding attire.

Their reasoning behind the unconventional outing was simple: they had invested a significant amount of money in their wedding dresses and believed that these exquisite garments deserved to be showcased to a wider audience. Their bold fashion choice attracted considerable attention and left strangers astonished.

In May 2023, one of Bonin’s daughters, Alexis Houston, shared a video on Instagram featuring the women in their wedding dresses. The caption expressed their belief that the most expensive dresses they owned deserved to be enjoyed beyond the confines of a single day. In fact, they planned to turn it into a yearly tradition. The group, which included Bonin’s daughters Madeleine, Annalise, and even Kate, who wasn’t married but still wore a dress, as well as her daughters-in-law Hannah Joy and Sydnie, dined at a restaurant called True Food near Houston, Texas, and became the center of attention. Despite the busy night, with a coinciding high school graduation party, the experience was immensely enjoyable for the women, creating a memory that would last a lifetime.

What are your thoughts on this group of women venturing out in their wedding dresses? If you wore a wedding dress on your big day, have you ever worn it again afterward? Share your experiences and don’t forget to pass along this story to your family and friends.