Syracuse University Shines the Spotlight on a Remarkable 3-Year-Old National Anthem Singer, Challenging the Notion That Star Power is Constrained by Age.

Watch youngest National Anthem singer in Carrier Dome history (video) -

December 17, 2018, marked a milestone at Carrier Dome as three-year-old Drake Grillo etched his name in history by seizing the microphone and rendering the National Anthem for a gathering of 6000 individuals.

While the prospect of performing in front of such a massive audience might make most adults apprehensive, Drake remained undeterred. Despite his tender age, he displayed a readiness to impart his voice to the captivated crowd.

Three-year-old boy sings National Anthem at Syracuse University basketball game | Daily Mail Online

Beside him, his mother knelt in support, but Drake Grillo was entirely engrossed in the emotional rendition of his patriotic song.

For anyone who has taken on the challenge of singing the National Anthem, the pressure to recall all the lyrics is no minor task. Even seasoned performers have found it challenging to keep every word in place.

3-Year-Old Drake Grillo Wowed Many Signing National Anthem At Carrier Dome

However, the spirited three-year-old faced no challenge in maintaining the coherence of all the lyrics. Drake belted out each verse with exuberance, his adorable lisp adding to the charm, and the audience couldn’t help but be captivated.

As he approached the final verse of the National Anthem, the entire audience radiated with joy. Regardless of one’s patriotic sentiments, the infectious charm of this adorable little one was enough to bring a smile to every face in the crowd.