Anežka Kašpárková, a 91-year-old Czech grandmother, has become an internet sensation due to her passion for flower painting. While many people eagerly anticipate retirement for a well-deserved break, Anežka, also known as Agnes, has no intention of slowing down. Despite her advanced age, she rejects the idea of idle rest at home.

Instead, Agnes has dedicated herself to hand-painting her neighbors’ homes and transforming the quaint village of Louka into a mesmerizing display of artistry. Her vibrant floral designs have turned ordinary houses into breathtaking works of art, captivating the attention of locals and admirers worldwide.

After retiring from her job as an agricultural worker over three decades ago, Agnes Kašpárková dedicated herself to the art of hand-painting houses. She credits her late friend, Manakova, for imparting this skill to her, as Manakova had previously painted houses for free. Humbly, Agnes acknowledges that she is simply carrying on the legacy of her friend.

Agnes finds inspiration primarily in floral designs, often incorporating ultramarine shades into her intricate artwork. The houses in the village of Louka, predominantly Moravian in style, provide the perfect canvas for Agnes’ detailed paintings. The spare, white walls of these Moravian houses serve as an ideal backdrop, allowing Agnes’ work to stand out and adorn the village with its beauty.

Agnes particularly enjoys painting the village chapel, dedicating 10 days to beautifying it every May. Despite gaining fame on the internet, she remains humble, insisting that she is not an artist but merely someone who loves what she does and aims to contribute to beautifying the world.

Having pursued this passion for over three decades, Agnes acknowledges that her age presents challenges, especially during colder months, making hand-painting houses more difficult. As a result, she limits her hobby of updating her past work to the summer season.

grandma painting

Agnes’s inherent artistic talent shines through in her spontaneous approach to painting. She doesn’t plan her designs but allows her skillful hands to guide the process naturally.

For Agnes, the quality of her work is paramount, so she uses only expensive, high-quality paint. She takes pride in ensuring that her painted artworks last for up to two years, emphasizing her desire to make her village not just momentarily beautiful but enduringly so.

Agnes’s hand-painted houses have garnered attention worldwide, becoming an internet sensation and receiving praise from people all over the globe. Photos of her intricate artworks have been widely shared on various websites and social media platforms.

Despite taking years to pursue her dream, Agnes remained dedicated and committed. She followed her passion and focused on activities that brought her joy. Beyond serving as an inspiration, the 91-year-old Czech grandma exemplifies the idea that it’s never too late to chase one’s dreams, regardless of age.