In 2015, in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, a baby boy was born, and like every child, he was beautiful in his own unique way. Baby Çinar, however, was truly something special, as he was born with a heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead.

The doctors and nurses were amazed by Çinar’s appearance and affectionately dubbed him the ‘love baby.’

His parents, Murat Engin, 30, and Ceyda, 28, shared that their son became a sensation, with people often stopping them on the streets to take photos with him.

“After a nurse cleaned the blood on his head, I was the first to see the birthmark. It was difficult for me to hold back my tears,” his father, Murat, told the Daily Mail.

“When we walk around, everyone smiles at us and loves him. All of our friends are curious about his birthmark because of its heart shape. They say that he is a love baby,” Murat added.

The family holds the belief that the birthmark is a gift from God.

“When we go to the hospital for checkups, nurses and doctors know him and call him ‘Hearted Boy.’ He already has many fans,” his parents shared.

Given the widespread interest in sweet Çinar, his mom and dad decided to create an Instagram account where they document his life and share adorable photos.

Today, Çinar has grown into an adorable 7-year-old, still charming as ever, with a smile that never seems to fade from his face.