On weekends, a group of teenage boys enjoyed rollerblading and cycling in the city park. Located at the heart of the city, the park provided them with ample opportunities to capture footage of various cool cars on their phones, alongside documenting their adventures. One day, while filming, they inadvertently captured a distressing incident involving an unscrupulous driver mistreating an elderly woman. The video was promptly uploaded to YouTube and garnered significant attention.

In the video, the elderly woman is seen walking slowly along the sidewalk or attending to her affairs. As she reaches the intersection, she pauses, perhaps to catch her breath. Suddenly, a speeding Mercedes approaches her. The driver, a young man, begins to act inappropriately and uncivilized towards her.

Passersby observe the scene unfold, puzzled by the commotion inside the car. It becomes evident that the elderly woman simply wanted to cross the road, but the impatient young driver refused to yield. The incident highlights a concerning trend of youth lacking respect for the elderly, emphasizing the need for greater patience and respect towards older individuals in society.

However, the grandmother proved to be resourceful and had a good sense of humor. Not only did she teach the young man a lesson, but she also managed to amuse everyone. Upon noticing that the guy was unwilling to yield to her and had even scolded her for crossing the road slowly, the elderly woman decided to play a prank on him.

She deliberately slowed down her pace even more. As she approached the boy’s car, she used her bag to set off the car alarm, causing the airbag to deploy suddenly.

The boy found himself wedged between the steering wheel and the car seat. The incident turned out to be quite amusing and entertaining. Many bystanders captured the scene on video and shared it on social media. The video quickly went viral, garnering numerous views and comments. Users expressed their disagreement with the young driver’s behavior and found humor in the absurd situation he found himself in.