A hospice patient at the Austinburg Nursing & Rehab Center in Ohio received a heartwarming gift from a compassionate hospice worker, Joshua Woodard. With great passion, Joshua performed the beloved Christian hymn “How Great Thou Art” in the patient’s room, aiming to bring comfort during her final days.

This touching moment, reminiscent of a nurse singing to a young cancer patient, was captured on camera and shared on social media by a relative of the patient. The video quickly garnered attention, receiving over 6,000 shares and prompting many viewers to express how deeply moved they were by Joshua’s gesture.

What makes this video even more poignant is the personal connection between Joshua and the patient, Mary. Mary had been Joshua’s piano and voice teacher when he was just 9 years old. Her recent passing adds another layer of emotion to the heartfelt performance.

Videos like these serve as a reminder of the extraordinary compassion exhibited by some hospice workers, who go above and beyond to bring comfort and joy to their patients during their final moments. If this touching moment resonates with you, consider sharing it with your loved ones to spread awareness of the kindness displayed by hospice workers like Joshua.