While commuting to work, a nurse from Essex, England, stumbled upon an abandoned suitcase on the sidewalk. Curiosity piqued, and she felt compelled to investigate its contents. To her genuine surprise, what she found inside left her astounded!

Inside the suitcase, she found 15 kittens, all between three to five weeks old, nestled amidst the clutter. The suitcase had been punctured with several holes, presumably to allow air to flow in, ensuring the kittens’ survival. It appeared that whoever abandoned them had done so with the intention that they would be found and cared for. Notably, the suitcase had been left near a prominent animal refuge, suggesting a deliberate attempt to ensure the kittens’ safety.

The nurse promptly sought assistance from Alison Gamble, a staffer at a nearby animal shelter. After assessing the kittens, Gamble expressed satisfaction with their overall condition, noting, “They are in good shape, and it’s evident that they have been separated from their mother.”

The kittens need to be bottle-fed by hand since they haven’t been weaned yet. This is crucial to ensure they receive proper nutrition and prevent any nutritional deficiencies or health issues.

Fortunately, the staff at the care facility are committed to caring for the 15 kittens until they find loving homes. Currently, the kittens are too young and fragile to be adopted out. “Six of them show signs of an eye infection, while the others seem to be healthy initially, but we want to keep a close eye on all of them to ensure they stay healthy overall,” said one of the staff members.

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