The bride and groom’s heartfelt decision to dedicate their first dance to the groom’s grandparents moved wedding guests to tears.

A wedding ceremony is steeped in tradition and symbolism, with the first dance of the newly married couple holding a special place among these cherished customs. It marks the official commencement of dancing for the newlyweds and is eagerly anticipated by guests as well.

However, in a heartwarming twist, one couple decided to forgo their own first dance to give another couple, who had missed out on this moment during their own wedding 65 years ago, the chance to experience it. Samantha Estepa, a 26-year-old criminal defense attorney from Hicksville, New York, and her husband Zachary Graff, 27, tied the knot on April 2, 2022. During their evening reception, they chose to honor Zachary’s grandparents, Elaine and Morton.

Elaine and Morton, who had been married for 65 years, had missed out on their own first dance due to Morton having to sit shiva following his mother’s passing just before their wedding. Shiva, a Jewish mourning custom observed for seven days after the death of a family member, prohibits mourners from participating in celebratory activities such as dancing.

The gesture of kindness displayed by Samantha and Zachary was met with tears of appreciation from wedding guests, including bridesmaids who were visibly moved as the elderly couple took to the dance floor.

This act of selflessness reflects the thoughtfulness and kindness of the newlywed couple, demonstrating their capacity to prioritize the happiness of others on their special day. We extend our best wishes to Samantha and Zachary as they embark on this new journey together.