Celeste Ayala, hailing from the Argentine city of Berisso, has garnered pride not only from her colleagues in the police department but also from the staff at the local fire brigade where she serves.

Recently, photos of Celeste surfaced on the internet, quickly going viral. What catapulted this young woman to fame?

Celeste Ayala was on duty at Sister Maria Ludovica Children’s Hospital when she heard a child crying in one of the wards as she passed through the corridor.

Observing the baby’s distress, Celeste cracked the door open and witnessed the child in evident distress, choking with tears. It seemed the infant was crying out of hunger.

Having recently become a mother herself, Celeste couldn’t ignore the plight of the hungry baby.

“I lifted him into my arms, and he immediately sought my chest, instinctively reaching for nourishment,” Celeste recounts. “As I gently stroked his head, he eagerly attempted to grasp my fingers with his lips.”

Despite objections from nearby nurses, who questioned her decision to breastfeed the seemingly dirty and smelly baby, Celeste remained undeterred. Without hesitation, she began to unbutton her uniform blouse.

Ignoring the skepticism around her, Celeste focused on soothing the hungry infant. The baby eagerly latched onto her breast and quickly found comfort in the nourishment provided.

Upon further inquiry, Celeste learned that the infant was the youngest of six children belonging to a single mother who had fallen ill and was hospitalized.

“This baby was left crying for hours, with no one bothering to attend to him. It was clear that the hospital staff simply didn’t care,” Celeste expressed her indignation.

A colleague who was on duty with Celeste captured the moment when she breastfed the hungry infant. Posting the picture on Facebook, he expressed his pride in witnessing Celeste’s extraordinary act of compassion.

“You treated him like a mother, despite not knowing the baby at all,” remarked the colleague in his Facebook post, acknowledging Celeste’s maternal instincts and selfless act of kindness.