Svetlana, a 45-year-old mother, boasts the remarkable feat of raising 19 children! Among them are two sons, the oldest being 27 years old and the youngest merely 8 months old. Interestingly, the youngest child shares a special connection with his father, as he was born on his father’s birthday, with the father present during the birth.

The births of their 19 children, much like the previous ones, were unassisted by doctors. Their family is now composed of 11 girls and 8 boys. Svetlana’s journey into motherhood began at the age of 18 with her first child, and she welcomed her 19th at the age of 44. What’s perhaps most intriguing is that Svetlana and Peter have already initiated discussions about the possibility of welcoming their 20th child.

The Kovalevich family has a birthday celebration almost every month, except September and October. January stands out as the most popular month for birthdays. Their household includes a substantial farm, featuring a horse, two cows, two pigs, as well as chickens and ducks, alongside a sizable vegetable garden. When berry and mushroom season arrives, the family eagerly ventures into the forest to gather these natural treasures.

The mother and her children diligently prepare compotes and stock up on groceries for the winter, producing not just dozens, but hundreds of cans. In addition, the mother bakes bread every two days, yet only 3-4 loaves are consumed during a single meal. For lunch, Svetlana prepares a whopping 15 liters of soup. Remarkably, despite the physical demands, her face remains free from signs of exhaustion, adorned only with a warm smile. Although she acknowledges that pregnancy becomes increasingly challenging with each passing year.

Indeed, considering her determination and resilience, it’s highly likely that she will continue to embrace motherhood and welcome her 20th child. With such a mindset, the Kovalevich family may soon set a new record, further solidifying their place in history.