Their initial encounter occurred during their joint exploration of wild turtles, which inspired them to incorporate their beloved pet turtle, Tom Shelleck, into their wedding ceremony as the ring bearer. To ensure Tom’s smooth journey down the aisle, the couple scattered strawberries, his favorite treat, to entice him towards the altar.

“Ericka Johnson explained, “Tom primarily consumes hay and other dry foods suited for desert life. However, he has a fondness for strawberries, making it the perfect choice to entice him to walk down the aisle.”

Despite Tom’s leisurely pace, he successfully carried out his role, transporting the rings safely in a basket, as depicted in this picture.

“We were a bit concerned as Tom made his way down the aisle, especially because some of the girls had painted their nails. We worried he might mistake them for fruit and try to take a bite. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. Overall, we were thrilled with how everything went, and Tom did an excellent job,” Erica remarked.

The guests were absolutely charmed by the slow but steady ring bearer. The day after the wedding, they eagerly requested to see more photos of the turtle, who had captured their hearts with his adorable role in the ceremony.