At just one year old, Japanese girl Chanko has already become the face of a Pantene advertisement, thanks to her incredibly lush and shiny hair. It’s hard not to be in awe of Tyanko’s thick locks, a gift from nature itself. Pantene representatives were equally captivated by her beauty, declaring, “She’s a perfect fit for us!”

The discovery of little Tyanko came about through her Instagram account, diligently curated by her mother. It was through these posts that the fashion brand’s representatives took notice of the striking appearance of this young Japanese girl. Indeed, it’s rare for someone at the tender age of one to possess such stunning natural hair.

Unsurprisingly, modeling agents quickly sought to recruit the girl for a new Pantene advertising campaign. Securing the deal was effortless, as Tyanko’s mother promptly agreed to sign the lucrative contract. Recognizing her daughter’s exceptional beauty, the mother felt that Tyanko’s unique charm should not go unnoticed.

On January 7, one-year-old Tyanko made her debut in her first commercial. She shared the spotlight with the renowned TV presenter Sato Kondo, who is celebrated for her remarkable hair as well.

It appears that Tyanko’s mother made the right decision by allowing her daughter to feature in an advertisement for a renowned brand. Following the commercial, the adorable baby with the luscious hair gained more fans, while Pantene acquired new customers.