The prevailing beauty ideals within the contemporary fashion realm often seem akin to intangible confinement. Those aspiring to immerse themselves in the fashion domain find themselves ensnared by numerous dictates about age, looks, and conduct, resulting in societal oppression.

Consequently, any departure from these stereotypes is met with enthusiasm, as it signifies defiance against the industry’s norms by courageous individuals.

Here at Bright Side, we’re excited to introduce you to Rosa Saito, a 71-year-old fashion model who defies conventional notions by showcasing that age is merely a figure, not a gauge of beauty or skill.

At 68, sporting white hair and a remarkable artistic flair, Rosa Saito stumbled upon her life’s passion: modeling. Formerly known as Setsuko Saito, she adopted the moniker Rosa on Instagram to simplify pronunciation.

Standing at 1.68 meters tall, Rosa’s initial unfamiliarity with the modeling world didn’t hinder her from making a mark in the field. Her adventurous disposition proved to be her greatest asset, propelling her even to the prestigious stage of São Paulo Fashion Week.

Born in Araçatuba, São Paulo, Rosa’s early years were marked by the discovery of her innate creative abilities. Engaging in activities such as singing, drawing, and writing from a young age, she knew she was destined to intertwine her life with something truly beautiful.

“I always had this sense that I would pursue something creative, something I could craft and invent,” Rosa reflects.

Prior to her venture into modeling, Rosa faced numerous trials and losses. At the age of 22, she became the primary caregiver for her bedridden mother. Later, as a mother of three, she had to assume the roles of both mother and father after losing her husband in 2000. Amidst these challenges, caring for plants became a source of solace and meditation, providing a daily sanctuary for her soul.

“It’s crucial to embark on a journey of self-discovery. For me, that moment of tranquility is found among my plants. I find solace in my garden, where I often engage in conversations with them,” Rosa shares.

The notion of becoming a model never crossed her mind until she was approached by industry professionals. It took three separate invitations before she entertained the idea seriously.

“Twice, representatives from the Mega modeling agency approached me, and once it was a photographer,” Rosa recounts. “I allowed the idea to gestate for a year; after all, there were costs involved, and I wasn’t about to dive into something blindly. Eventually, I made the decision to take the leap.”

Rosa’s life is now flourishing, and she has a message for her admirers.

Setsuko was brought up in a profoundly natural manner, never even having taken a single aspirin as a child. “Our approach was always centered around tea, and at my core, I’ve always been inclined against anything too chemical,” she reflects. “Thus, I’ve consistently tended to my well-being using natural remedies like aloe, coconut oil, and olive oil.”

However, Rosa emphasizes the utmost importance of inner harmony. “True beauty lies in nurturing your thoughts and spirituality,” she asserts. “A person can exude beauty, charm, and warmth, which surpasses mere outward perfection. It’s the substance within that truly matters, in my perspective.”

To Rosa, the standards set by the beauty industry can feel stifling, yet she holds onto hope for change. “I sense a gradual shift occurring. People are embracing longevity and prioritizing self-care,” she observes. “It’s imperative for companies to broaden their perspective and recognize the potential of these evolving demographics as consumers.”