The Great Pyramid of Giza stands as a timeless wonder, shrouded in mystery and awe-inspiring architecture from ancient times. Few have had the privilege of witnessing its peak up close. Recently, however, a Brazilian named Yanis Terzis seized the opportunity, capturing a remarkable aerial clip during his flight.

While most visitors to Egypt may catch a glimpse of the pyramid’s apex from afar, Yanis, a 35-year-old psychiatric administrator and pilot from Campinas, Brazil, took his exploration to new heights.

Utilizing his paramotor—a paraglider equipped with a large fan for propulsion—he embarked on a journey over various ancient Egyptian landmarks, including the Sphinx. His adventure unfolded during a paramotor event in Luxor and Cairo, showcasing the unparalleled views of these historic sites from above.

Terzis strapped a GoPro Hero 10 to his helmet to document his daring adventure, emphasizing that he had obtained proper permissions for the flight over the ancient structures, ensuring legality. His goal was to capture unique footage from unconventional angles, showcasing the pyramids and temples in a new light.

During his flight over the Great Pyramid of Giza, Terzis opted for a risky approach, descending as close to the ground as possible—a technique he occasionally employs to capture breathtaking scenes. This time, he ventured so near that he could have reached out and touched the pyramid’s apex with his feet, a moment he will cherish for a lifetime.

His footage unveiled inscriptions etched into the white stone, referring to them as “scriptures and graffiti,” and highlighted the unparalleled 4K view that revealed intricate details of the monuments.

In the video, Terzis’s craft skims just above the pyramid’s summit, revealing its surprisingly flat top, contrary to the pointed impression from below. The Giza Pyramids hold a revered status as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, with the Great Pyramid believed to have been constructed around 2560 BCE. Originally towering at 482 feet, erosion and stone removal have diminished its height to approximately 449 feet over time.