Baby Mia insists on having her beloved pets, Phil the dog, and Milo the cat, by her side when she sleeps. The heartwarming video captures the trio cuddled up together, showing the inseparable bond between the baby and her furry friends.

Dog and baby sleeping

Mia’s mom noticed a significant change in her bedtime routine over the past few weeks, fearing that she might be entering the “terrible twos” stage, leading to sleep challenges.

Bedtime has become more difficult, especially when Mia refuses to sleep or becomes restless, typical behaviors for toddlers experiencing this developmental phase. The unpredictability of toddlers’ reactions to routines can pose challenges for parents, making bedtime routines especially challenging.

Cat and baby sleeping

Creating a calm environment and establishing a bedtime routine is crucial for helping Mia sleep. To improve Mia’s nighttime sleep, her mom intends to reduce her daytime naps. Mia insists on sleeping on her parents’ bed, flanked by her pets, and refuses to sleep unless these conditions are met.

Dog and baby sleeping

Mia’s cat and dog play a crucial role in helping her wind down and eventually fall asleep. It’s heartwarming to see the cat and dog sleeping on either side of Mia in bed. When Mia is moved to her baby cot, the pets are reluctant to leave the room, with the cat even following Mia to her bedroom, highlighting their strong bond.