Toddlers, particularly those between the ages of one and three, are notorious for their seemingly inexplicable tantrums. At this stage of development, toddlers often struggle to effectively communicate their emotions, leading to outbursts when overwhelmed. While tantrums are a normal part of a child’s growth, they can be frustrating for parents and caregivers, especially when they occur frequently throughout the day. Understanding what triggers these outbursts and how to soothe a distressed child can be challenging.

Alivia Cromartie, a mother, recently shared a helpful tip with fellow parents on social media. Her method aims to swiftly dispel tantrums by eliciting smiles and laughter from upset babies. In an Instagram video, Cromartie demonstrates the effectiveness of her technique, showcasing how her daughter’s tears quickly transform into laughter. She reassures viewers that her approach “works every time,” offering a glimmer of hope to parents navigating the tumultuous waters of toddlerhood.

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The key to Alivia Cromartie’s effective parenting technique is surprisingly simple. She utilizes what she calls the “zoomies,” a term borrowed from the natural behavior exhibited by dogs when they experience a sudden burst of energy. Typically, dogs express their zoomies by darting around the house or in circles.

Cromartie adapted this concept to manage her child’s tantrums by engaging in a playful activity. In her post, she highlights the importance of gentle parenting, particularly during moments of emotional distress: “This is how you gentle parent when your toddler is on the verge of having a meltdown… zoomies!” By observing her mother racing around in circles, the child becomes distracted from her tantrum and focuses on the fun interaction instead. This diversionary tactic often leads to laughter and smiles, effectively diffusing the tense situation. Many mothers expressed admiration for Cromartie’s creative and empathetic approach to parenting in the comments section.

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Cromartie’s clever prank gained widespread attention after being shared online, quickly going viral. Mothers flooded the comments section with praise for Cromartie’s innovative parenting technique, expressing their intent to try the method with their toddlers. One mother humorously remarked, “I will be skinny after a week of doing this with my dramatic little one,” while another exclaimed, “Well, this makes parenting look easy!”

Although the tactic appeared novel to many viewers of the viral video, one mother revealed that she had been employing a similar approach with her daughter for years.

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“The crying stops, and I get my steps in!” Cromartie exclaimed with a smile. “It’s a win-win situation.” Her experience highlights that while there are many effective methods for soothing toddler tantrums, experimenting with new ideas can be beneficial. Parenting often involves trial and error, and it’s important to find what works best for your family, even if it may seem unconventional to others.