Officer Darrell Ross arrives at a traffic stop to assist Officer Snyder, and the video commences. Ross approaches the driver and questions, “Could there be any drugs in the car?” The driver denies it, but upon inspection, officers discover meth and drug paraphernalia in the passenger’s jacket, an elderly man.

The passenger denies ownership of the jacket, insisting the narcotics came from the driver’s sister, not him. Due to the lack of trust, Ross decides to have a private conversation with the passenger, identified as Doug.

Doug reveals his struggles with bone cancer and stage four lung cancer, disclosing his need for pain relief. Ross, moved by Doug’s situation, decides not to arrest him but still addresses his drug use.

“I really want you to quit doing drugs, man,” Ross expresses, emphasizing that Doug still has significant stories and history to share with the world. To Ross’s surprise, he suggests that Doug consider medical marijuana for pain relief.

After further conversation, Officer Snyder offers Doug a ride. Left alone with the videographer, Ross reflects on his motivation for becoming a police officer. He recounts his brother’s battle with drug addiction after serving in the military, which inspired him to pursue law enforcement.

In a time when negative portrayals of law enforcement are prevalent, this video offers a glimpse of hope, showcasing officers like Darrell Ross who genuinely uphold the motto “to protect and serve.”