Have you ever thought about the notion that there are numerous strikingly beautiful models out there? You know, the ones you can’t help but admire repeatedly. However, such exceptional women were once rare to come across.

The reason for this shift is clear: plastic surgery has become increasingly popular and accessible, making flawless facial features more of a financial necessity than a luxury. If you desire a refined nose, simply save up, and your wish can become a reality.

Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez, often considered ideal in appearance by many, is one such individual who has undergone numerous surgical procedures. Today, many publications laud her beauty as “the epitome of desirability,” despite her appearance being described as merely “pretty” a decade ago.

The woman has undergone ten plastic surgeries and is now hailed as the most beautiful woman on the planet. Now, let’s take a look at her appearance before all these procedures. Naturally, we don’t believe that plastic surgery is inherently negative. However, it can be disconcerting to realize that one’s admiration for someone’s beauty may actually stem from the surgeon’s skillful work.