Ahead of the release of a documentary about the band, Jon Bon Jovi addressed the ongoing estrangement between him and Richie Sambora, his former bandmate.

Despite 11 years passing since their acrimonious split, the 62-year-old singer confirmed that they are still not on speaking terms. This revelation comes amid the excitement surrounding the upcoming release of a new four-part documentary in April.

Jon Bon Jovi (right) has confirmed he is still not on speaking terms with Richie Sambora (left), despite the highly-anticipated release of a new four-part documentary in April.

Renowned as Bon Jovi’s primary guitarist from 1983 to 2013, Sambora caused a stir among fans with his abrupt departure from the band during a tour in April 2013, just hours before they were scheduled to perform in Calgary.

Jon Bon Jovi (on the right) has affirmed that he and Richie Sambora (on the left) remain estranged, even with the eagerly awaited debut of a new four-part documentary in April.

Speaking ahead of the band's documentary Thank You Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story, Jon has conformed that even filming didn't bring the duo back together.

Ahead of the band’s documentary “Thank You Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story,” Jon has confirmed that filming did not reconcile him with Richie.

In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Jon stated, “We’re not in contact because he’s not in the organization any longer.” He clarified that he had no involvement in Sambora’s participation in the series: “They interviewed Richie in London. I wasn’t there… I had nothing to do with it.” Despite their prolonged silence, Jon expressed enduring affection for his former bandmate, asserting that their estrangement “doesn’t mean that there’s no love forever.”

In a 2016 interview with People – just three years after Sambora left the band – Jon said Richie was "wonderful friend" and "wonderful collaborator", adding: "I’m never going to bad mouth the guy."

This isn’t the first instance of Jon speaking positively about the split. In a 2016 interview with People, just three years after Sambora’s departure, Jon referred to Richie as a “wonderful friend” and “wonderful collaborator,” affirming, “I’m never going to badmouth the guy.”

During a 2016 interview with People, merely three years following Sambora’s departure from the band, Jon described Richie as a “wonderful friend” and “wonderful collaborator,” emphasizing his commitment not to criticize him: “I’m never going to badmouth the guy.”

Richie's decision to leave Bon Jovi after 30 years shocked fans in 2013, however in the years since, the star has spoken candidly about why he suddenly left.

Richie’s unexpected departure from Bon Jovi after three decades stunned fans in 2013. However, in the years following, he has openly discussed the reasons behind his sudden exit.

In a 2020 interview, Richie revealed that he felt he had ‘no choice’ but to leave in 2013. “It wasn’t a popular decision by any means, obviously, but there was almost no choice about it,” the guitarist explained. He clarified that his decision revolved around his family, particularly his daughter Ava, whom he shares with ex-wife Heather Locklear. “Ava needed me to be around then. The family had to come first, and that’s what happened.”

Richie Sambora explained the decision to leave Bon Jovi was made around his family, specifically his daughter Ava (centre) who he shares with ex-wife Heather Locklear (right).

The trailer for the documentary “Thank You, Goodnight” was released last month and is scheduled to stream on Disney+ in April. Representing the band’s first officially sanctioned documentary, the four-part series will delve into their rapid ascent, the conflicts within the group, and the uncertain path forward.

“Thank You, Goodnight” promises to unveil fresh perspectives on Bon Jovi’s history through exclusive interviews and never-before-seen or heard photos and demo songs.

The trailer vividly portrays the band’s trials and tribulations, concluding with the ominous statement: “I don’t know if there’s going to be a happy ending,” suggesting that Jon Bon Jovi’s voice issues and tensions within the group might jeopardize any plans for their 40th anniversary.

Jon recently discussed the challenges with his voice during a speaking engagement at the Pollstar Live! conference. He revealed, “one of my cords was literally atrophied,” and explained that “the strong one was literally taking what was left of the weak one. So they put a plastic implant in, and for the last two years now, I’ve been in this rehab, getting it back together.”

Expressing uncertainty about the future of Bon Jovi, Jon admitted, “if I can’t be great, I’m out. And I think that the documentary that we’re about to put out addresses all of that.”