When a firefighter in Florida discovered a newborn baby in a Safe Haven Baby Box, it profoundly impacted his life. He felt an immediate connection to the little girl and knew he wanted to welcome her into his family.

The Ocala Fire Department installed their first Safe Haven Baby Box in 2020, but it wasn’t until January 2023 that they received their first surrendered baby.

The 'Safe Haven Baby Box' drop off installed in Ocala Fire Department, Fl.

At 2:00 am, during his overnight shift, a firefighter heard an alarm indicating a baby had been surrendered. Despite initial doubts, he investigated and discovered a newborn wrapped in a pink blanket.

Instantly, he felt a profound connection with the baby girl. “I fell in love with her right away,” he recalled. Holding her in his arms, they shared a moment that changed everything. The firefighter and his wife, who had struggled with infertility for over a decade, saw this as a sign that adoption might be their path to parenthood.

A baby girl was found in a Safe Haven Baby Box in Florida.

As he cradled the baby in his arms, the firefighter contemplated the life-changing moment. “I didn’t call my wife right away because I didn’t want to wake her up, but I knew she’d be on board,” he shared. Being a paramedic, he took the baby to the hospital for a check-up but not before leaving a heartfelt note with her.

In the note, he expressed that he and his wife were ready and eager to adopt. Throughout the journey to the hospital, the baby gazed at him intently, as if knowing something significant was happening. Once assured of the baby’s well-being, he called his wife, who was overcome with emotion upon hearing the news. Despite their excitement, they tempered their emotions.

Upon contacting the hospital, his wife learned that a note about them had been handed to a social worker. Medical examinations revealed that the baby, only 12 hours old, likely wasn’t born in a hospital, with a makeshift umbilical cord tie using a shoelace further indicating unusual circumstances.

A baby found in a Safe Haven Baby Box was taken to NICU.

After spending two days in the NICU, the couple had to fulfill various requirements before they could bring the baby home. This included finding a doctor, attending additional classes, hiring legal assistance, and deciding on a name for their newfound joy. Months later, the adoption process was finalized, and they welcomed the baby into their family, christening her “Zoey.”

Tears welled up in the firefighter’s eyes as he expressed his gratitude for what he believed was divine intervention. “The way I found her, this was God helping us out,” he shared emotionally. He also wanted to assure Zoey’s biological mother that her child was safe and cherished beyond measure. Zoey, now nearly six months old, is thriving and showing interest in her surroundings. She delights in playing with her toys, enjoys storytime with her parents, and is growing healthily with each passing day.

Zoey was found in a Save Haven Baby Box in Florida.

Zoey’s father remarked, “She is doing very well and meeting all of her goals.” The couple expressed their intention to share Zoey’s adoption story with her as she grows older, and they assured her that if she ever wants to learn more about her biological parents, they will support her decision. Despite not knowing Zoey’s biological parents, the firefighter expressed gratitude for their decision to bring her into the world.

He also emphasized the importance of Safe Haven Baby Boxes, which provided them with the opportunity to experience the joy of parenthood and build a happy family. Click on the video below to witness the heartwarming moment when the firefighter first met Zoey: