In today’s parenting landscape, fostering independence while guiding children along the right path is a delicate balance. No one understands this duality better than Austin Steinbach, a devoted father.

His daughter, Kaylieann, has always been full of her own ideas—an independent spirit with a spark that truly shines. This became abundantly clear during this year’s Picture Day.

Kaylieann’s fascination with superheroes has been a constant in her life. She holds a special admiration for icons like Superman and Supergirl. In fact, just last month, she had the opportunity to attend the San Francisco Comic-Con with her father, where she delighted in donning her superhero outfit for the entire day.

“She didn’t want to take off her costume afterwards,” Austin shared with Babble. And when photo day arrived, there was no chance Kaylieann would part with her beloved superhero attire. Presented with various clothing options by her father, she confidently made her way to the closet, revealing the only choice she deemed suitable.

“On picture day at school, she had a choice of clothes, none of which were Supergirl-related.” Taking charge, she assessed each option, turned, and declared, “POOTERGIRL!” Austin couldn’t help but agree with her choice.

The heartwarming photograph quickly captured the attention of the internet, with media outlets nationwide clamoring to learn more about this adorable moment.

Adding to the emotional resonance of the story, Austin shared his daughter’s hearing impairment and the obstacles she has overcome: “She’s 75 percent deaf [in] both ears.” However, he mentioned on Reddit, “both her mom and I are hearing.” “We just found out via her audiologist five months ago, and we’re studying ASL now and love it.”

“But she’s learning quicker than us! I love how her journey with sign language has enriched her personality and communication skills. It’s amazing to witness her development and individuality. We’ve started attending deaf organizations and gatherings once a month, which has significantly boosted her confidence in signing.”

Both Austin and his wife are deeply moved by the overwhelming support they’ve received from the deaf community. “The response and turnout from the deaf community have been incredible,” he expressed. “I’m still trying to get through all the letters of encouragement and kind comments we’ve received. I never imagined her photo would resonate with so many people.”

Austin mentioned that the staff at his daughter’s preschool is very supportive of her expressing her superhero spirit at school, as this isn’t the first time she’s arrived in costume.

From Wonder Woman to Batman to even Anna from Frozen, little Kaylieann has donned them all. I don’t know about you, but I’m eagerly anticipating what “Pootergirl” has in store for her next school photos! Redditors are eagerly awaiting. And when Austin shared the adorable photo of Kaylieann posing with her dad, Reddit fans couldn’t get enough!