A few weeks ago, I had a shift at a nursing home, an experience that left a profound impact on me. Witnessing the vulnerability of the residents, I couldn’t help but reflect on the state of the world and the lack of care for the elderly.

One elderly grandmother caught my attention as she stood by the window, dressed lightly with just a sock on her foot. Concerned for her well-being, I approached her and offered assistance, fearing she might catch a cold.

But her response caught me off guard. With a hopeful tone, she shared her belief that her son would soon come to take her away from the nursing home. Before she could finish, the caregivers intervened and whisked her away.

Upon inquiring about the grandmother’s situation with the director, I learned the heartbreaking truth. Her son had abandoned her two months prior, promising to return in just two days, but he never did. He vanished without a trace, leaving his mother alone and destitute. Now, the grandmother relies on state care, funded by her own pension.

Feeling a deep sense of compassion, I asked if there was any way I could assist the elderly woman. Regrettably, the director explained that empathy cannot be taught, and the rest is left to individual actions.

Since then, the incident haunts me daily. I struggle to comprehend how someone could be so heartless to abandon their own mother in such a cruel manner.