It’s widely known that young infants often mimic the behavior of those around them, and this was clearly evident in a viral video featuring a young boy praying. In the video, the adorable boy spontaneously stood up in his classroom, demonstrating his practice of exercising his right to freedom of religion by engaging in prayer.

Three-year-old Makhi Martin from Missouri captivated hearts when he led his Pre-K class in prayer. With his eyes closed and his hands clasped together, Makhi fervently prayed for the meal that he and his classmates were about to eat.

“Father God,” he began his prayer, his speech still a bit slurred. Makhi continued, blessing all the boys and girls in the world before concluding his heartfelt invocation.

The teacher visibly moved, captures the heartfelt moment as the young child recites the prayer from memory. Makhi’s parents have instilled the tradition of praying before meals, evident in his sincere and confident recitation.

The sweetness of the moment amplifies as the entire class and teacher join in, echoing the prayer led by Makhi. Once the toddler’s video was shared on YouTube, it swiftly garnered millions of views, over 400,000 likes, and numerous supportive comments, showcasing the widespread appreciation for the young child and his heartfelt prayer.

It’s heartwarming to see such a touching display of faith and innocence, especially in these challenging times. The video of Makhi Martin leading his Pre-K class in prayer serves as a reminder of the importance of prayer and compassion in today’s world. You can watch the adorable video below: