Sam Avolicino, a 103-year-old WWII veteran hailing from California, shares sage advice with younger generations, emphasizing the importance of prayer as a nightly ritual. Alongside spiritual guidance, he attributes his long and fulfilling life to the simple pleasures of good wine, food, and the unwavering love of his wife, Agnes. With a nod to his Italian heritage, Avolicino cherishes pasta as a staple of his diet, highlighting the significance of traditional cuisine in his life.

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Born in Italy in 1920 and immigrating to the United States as an infant, Avolicino grew up in the vibrant atmosphere of the Bay Area. During World War II, he served in the Army Air Force as a physical training instructor, using his infectious energy and charisma to uplift the spirits of his fellow troops. His leadership skills were recognized by his commanding officer, who entrusted him with the task of leading enthusiastic chants among the soldiers.

Post-war, Avolicino found himself stationed at the Nuremberg Opera House in Germany, where he orchestrated entertainment programs for the troops. His role brought him into contact with renowned performers like Bob Hope and Mickey Rooney, facilitating memorable experiences for the soldiers. Notably, he organized the inaugural Christmas mass at the opera house in 1945, fostering a sense of community and celebration during the holiday season.

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Throughout his remarkable journey, Avolicino attributes much of his happiness and longevity to his enduring partnership with Agnes, whom he has been married to for nearly 72 years. Together, they have built a loving family comprising four children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Avolicino’s commitment to family values and unwavering support for his loved ones have been constants in his life, enriching his experiences even amidst the demands of his career and frequent travels.

Sam Avolicino’s advice to the younger generation serves as a testament to the enduring values that have guided him throughout his life. He underscores the paramount importance of family, faith, and unwavering commitment to one’s beliefs. With a steadfast belief in the power of prayer and the guiding presence of God in his life, Avolicino encourages young people to cultivate a strong spiritual foundation and attend church regularly.

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Furthermore, he emphasizes the essential role of respecting and listening to one’s parents, recognizing their wisdom and guidance as invaluable sources of support and direction. In a world marked by myriad influences and distractions, Avolicino advocates for staying true to one’s core values and resisting external pressures that may lead astray.

His advice resonates with timeless principles of integrity, resilience, and faith, offering a poignant reminder of the enduring significance of family bonds, spiritual nourishment, and moral fortitude in navigating life’s challenges. Through his words, Avolicino imparts invaluable wisdom garnered from a life rich in experiences, love, and unwavering devotion to God and family.

Sam Avolicino’s journey serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us of the enduring values that enrich life and sustain us through its challenges. His commitment to staying active and engaged, even in his later years, reflects a spirit of resilience and vitality.

Avolicino’s embrace of technology to create greeting cards demonstrates a willingness to adapt and explore new avenues of expression, showcasing a lifelong curiosity and creativity. His dedication to his family, faith, and community exemplifies the profound impact of love, compassion, and service in shaping a meaningful existence.

As we reflect on Sam Avolicino’s remarkable life, we are reminded of the importance of cherishing every moment, cultivating deep connections with others, and living with purpose and integrity. His story resonates as a testament to the enduring power of faith, love, and the human spirit to transcend adversity and leave a lasting legacy of goodness in the world.

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