When a 14-year-old took his mom’s brand new BMW for a joyride, he received some old-fashioned Texas-style parenting right on the side of the road, captured in a viral video.

Parenting a teenager is never easy, and Liza Martinez experienced this firsthand when her son, 14-year-old Aaron Campero, disconnected the WiFi to hide the fact that he had taken the luxury car for a spin around El Paso with some friends.

Texas mom whoops teen son with belt on side of road after he took her brand  new BMW

But Martinez quickly caught wind of her son’s escapade and took matters into her own hands. Armed with a belt, she went in search of Aaron, determined to find him before any harm was done to the car or before the police got involved.

When they finally located Aaron, Martinez wasted no time. Rolling down her window, she shouted at him to pull over, putting an end to his joyride. Once stopped on the side of the road, Martinez wasted no time in disciplining her son, administering a spanking with the belt right then and there.

Boy takes mom's BMW on joyride

The video of Martinez disciplining Aaron has since gone viral, showcasing a classic example of tough Texas-style parenting in action.