What a heartwarming story! Lieutenant Tyler Kroenke and his daughter Miela shared a special moment together, dancing at home during a challenging time brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Miela’s dance competition season was put on hold due to the pandemic, prompting her dance studio to challenge its dancers to teach a parent their routine. Miela eagerly took on the task of teaching her dad, and after about a week of practice, they were ready to perform together.


The video of their dance quickly gained traction on Facebook, receiving over 200,000 views. Lt. Kroenke expressed his hope that the video would bring some joy to people amidst the constant stream of COVID-related news.

He emphasized the importance of spreading positivity and making people smile, even if it meant being a source of laughter himself.


Despite the initial challenge of learning the routine, Lt. Kroenke embraced the opportunity to bond with his daughter and create a memorable moment together. He proudly shared the video with his colleagues, highlighting his role as a devoted “girl dad” who prioritizes supporting his daughters above all else.

While they may not be planning an encore performance just yet, the bond forged through their dance routine will surely be cherished by both Lt. Kroenke and Miela for years to come.