For the initial six years of her life, Lucy, who has Down syndrome, was cared for by her grandparents. Fortunately, this situation didn’t last long. Lucy was adopted from China by a loving family in the United States. Upon her arrival, her adoptive family had concerns about how she would adjust to her new environment, having been raised in an institution from birth.

Before finally meeting their daughter, Lucy, Brent, and Audrey Shuk, her adoptive parents, felt a mix of excitement and nervousness. Despite already having five biological children, the couple believed their hearts had room for one more child.

Lucy’s first encounter with her adoptive parents occurs at the airport in Houston, Texas, where she arrives with her family upon entering her new country. Initially hesitant, Lucy looks around, but when she finally meets her new parents, she is overwhelmed with emotion.

As Audrey rushes to greet her new daughter, who is already overwhelmed with emotions, she too is overcome with emotion. Then, Lucy makes a statement that brings tears to everyone’s eyes. Despite being unable to communicate clearly, the little girl murmurs the word “MOM” at that moment.

The couple and everyone present were captivated by the moment, astonished and overjoyed by both Audrey and Lucy’s heartfelt reactions.