Despite the challenges posed by his disability, Brandon’s friendship with Tanner knows no bounds. Every day, Tanner witnesses the determination with which Brandon navigates the world in his wheelchair, using his hands to push the wheels with admirable effort. However, Tanner notices that Brandon quickly grows fatigued and struggles to cover long distances.

Touched by his friend’s struggle and determination, Tanner embarked on a mission to make Brandon’s life easier. Working tirelessly after school, he saved up enough money over two years to purchase an electric wheelchair for Brandon.

When he presented the wheelchair to Brandon at school, the joy and gratitude on Brandon’s face were palpable. With the simple press of a button, Brandon could now effortlessly navigate his surroundings, thanks to Tanner’s thoughtful gesture.

When asked about the gift, Brandon responded with unwavering enthusiasm, saying, “Absolutely, 100 percent!”