A viral video depicting a child causing chaos on a plane has sparked a contentious debate regarding the parents’ handling of the situation. Uploaded to Reddit’s “Public Freakout” section, the video has garnered millions of views and garnered a plethora of comments from frustrated viewers.

The young boy, sporting pig-tails and believed to be from the United States, can be seen gleefully bouncing on a tray table, much to the irritation of the passenger seated in front. While the male passenger remained composed, viewers expressed their outrage and offered parenting advice, with some questioning the airline’s involvement.

Parents slammed after video of their toddler 'running wild' on an  eight-hour flight is debated

Reddit users were particularly critical of the parents, with one commenter stating they would never allow their child to disrupt others in such a manner. Another emphasized the importance of effective parenting, expressing disappointment if their own children exhibited similar behavior.

In addition to the child’s bouncing antics, viewers were appalled to see the toddler’s bare feet on the tray table, prompting calls for improved cleanliness standards on flights. Amidst the blame game, some argued that flight attendants should have intervened and that the affected passenger should have received compensation from the airline.

Parents slammed as toddler goes wild on plane: 'No f***ing way'

Surprisingly, a flight attendant recently went viral for revealing the most disliked passengers on airlines, and it’s not misbehaving children. According to Kat Kalamani, a veteran of the aviation industry, flight attendants are most annoyed by passengers who complain about screaming kids during flights.

She emphasized that flight attendants are irritated when passengers express dissatisfaction with crying infants during flights. Despite passengers’ belief that they are advocating for a peaceful journey, their complaints irk both airline staff and fellow travelers. Instead of lodging complaints, Kalamani suggested that passengers bring noise-canceling headphones or offer assistance to parents in need.

You can watch both of the videos listed below: