The heartwarming video of a grandmother and her grandson celebrating the day she no longer needed her walker has gone viral! Originally shared on the TikTok account broooook3, the video quickly gained over a million views and thousands of shares.

In the video, the grandson plays the keyboard and sings a catchy tune while exclaiming, “Grandma’s got no walker, aye!… Grandma doesn’t need a walker anymore…

The walker’s gonna be locked up in the closet.” Meanwhile, the grandmother showcases her impressive dance moves, clearly enjoying the freedom of not relying on her walker.

It’s evident that the grandmother has some incredible dancing skills, likely honed over a lifetime of dancing. The grandson’s catchy song adds to the charm of the video, and the palpable joy shared by the duo is truly heartwarming.

@broooook3 Someone get them a record label #fypシ ♬ original sound – Brookeeee