Each harbors unique dreams and aspirations for their lifetime achievements. While some may yearn to meet celebrities or explore distant lands on their 100th birthday, this centenarian had an uncommon desire.

Jean Bicketon, a retired nurse, harbored a wish to experience being arrested, an item she had placed on her bucket list. Australian police in Victoria took it upon themselves to fulfill her request, detaining her briefly to grant her wish.

As Jean Bicketon celebrated her 100th birthday surrounded by loved ones, the unexpected arrival of the police added a surprising twist to the festivities. Always harboring a desire to experience being detained, a wish she had expressed since turning 30, the government decided to grant her unconventional request.

Accompanied by laughter and smiles, officers from the Victorian Police indulged her wish by conducting a mock arrest, complete with handcuffs, at the Narracan Gardens Residential Aged Care. Reflecting on her unique milestone, Bicketon, who served in the army for many years, remarked, “I’ve never been arrested in my life. I said to them I’ve never been drunk and I’ve never been arrested, never lost my driving license, and never had an infringement.”

She recalled, “The handcuffs felt surprisingly velvety to the touch. But they were a bit too large for me.”

Seeking to add a touch of excitement to her birthday festivities, the law-abiding centenarian decided to make an unconventional request. When the police caught wind of her wish, they were more than willing to oblige. Upon their arrival, the officers informed the other residents of the care home about the birthday surprise, ensuring that there was no cause for concern among the locals.

The fictitious arrest was later detailed in a Facebook post by the police. “We’re always happy to fulfill these types of requests. Leading a life without any brushes with the law is quite an accomplishment for many individuals. We like to think of it as a commendable feat,” the post read. “So, when we heard about Jean’s wish, our team at Moe station was ready to assist in making it happen. Three young officers arrived at Narracan Gardens Residential Aged Care to ensure that Jean’s birthday wishes were granted as she celebrated her milestone.”

After placing the handcuffs on Bicketon, the officers playfully announced her “arrest,” to which Jean enthusiastically complied, albeit with a hint of jest. Concluding their account, they expressed, “Jean mentioned it was one of the most memorable celebrations, and we’re delighted to have played a part in making it happen. Here’s to wishing Jean a fantastic 100th birthday! We extend our gratitude to everyone involved in making this special moment possible.”

Bicketon cherished this birthday as one of her favorites yet, expressing her gratitude to the police for making her day unforgettable.

The Victoria Police Facebook post garnered an abundance of positive responses. One individual commented, “Congratulations to Jean on reaching 100 years old! Thank you, Vic, and what a heartwarming story. Police, you made her day, and she will cherish it forever.”

Another person remarked, “You guys are incredibly kind to do that. Hats off to you! Thank you for keeping us safe, Vic Police. You’re the best.” Yet another individual chimed in, “I love both this and the comments. You’re never too old to have fun, so kudos to Victoria Police for making her day.”

A similar incident occurred in May of this year when Janiya Shaimiracle Douglas, then 19, was arrested after attempting to evade the police. According to the New York Post, she later admitted that getting arrested was something she just wanted to experience. She was ultimately apprehended for evading arrest.