On March 22, news broke that the Princess of Wales received a cancer diagnosis, marking a challenging time for the royal family. According to a fashion designer close to them, Kate Middleton and Prince William are enduring immense emotional strain amidst this difficult journey.

Amaia Arrieta, the designer behind Amaia London, shared in an interview with The Telegraph the conflicting emotions she experiences seeing the royal children wear her creations while knowing the pain the couple is facing.

“Dressing the royals fills me with pride, but my heart aches for them,” Arrieta expressed. She hopes for their strength and eventual return to happier times.

Prince Charles recently provided a brief health update on his wife during a visit to Tyne, England, indicating the ongoing concern for her well-being. Arrieta’s sentiments echo the collective empathy felt for the royal couple during this deeply personal ordeal.

Kate Middleton and Prince William "Going Through Hell"

Kate elaborated on why they delayed informing their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, about her cancer diagnosis.

“It’s been a process, especially as I needed time to recover from surgery before starting therapy. But what mattered most was explaining it to George, Charlotte, and Louie in a way that they could understand and feel reassured about my recovery,” she explained. Kate emphasized her progress and growing strength each day, focusing on holistic healing for her mind, body, and soul.

Kate Middleton and Prince William Are 'Going Through Hell' Amid Her Cancer  Diagnosis, Designer Friend Says | Entertainment Tonight

She expressed gratitude for William’s unwavering support and the outpouring of love and compassion from others.