Following the Photoshop debacle involving Middleton, Buckingham Palace and Middleton herself have faced intense scrutiny.

The Photoshop mishap that involved Kate Middleton has not only caused trouble for the Duchess but has also cast a shadow over Buckingham Palace. What was meant to be a heartwarming Mother’s Day portrait of Kate with her children turned into a major controversy, shaking public trust in the highest echelons of the palace.

A timeline of Kate Middleton's photo controversy, her latest sighting and  more

Meanwhile, as the photographer tried to dispel rumors about Middleton’s whereabouts during her recovery from abdominal surgery, the situation escalated further.

The fallout from Kate’s photo with her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, was swift and severe. Major news outlets, including the Associated Press, retracted the photo, and Buckingham Palace’s credibility took a hit. The incident exacerbated existing royal tensions and generated negative headlines for all involved.

It all began with two significant events that initially garnered public sympathy and well-wishes for the royals. The first announcement from Kensington Palace came on January 17, stating that Kate was hospitalized for stomach surgery. Nearly two hours later, a second announcement revealed that King Charles III would undergo treatment for an enlarged prostate.

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In the ensuing weeks, global well-wishes poured in for the royals, with King Charles being discharged on January 29, and Kate’s hospital visit coinciding with his release. However, it was announced on the same day that Kate would not return to official royal duties until after Easter, falling on March 31.

On February 9, Queen Camilla provided an update on Charles’s health, and a statement from the palace expressed gratitude for the support received during Kate’s recovery.

Kate’s absence from public view for seventy days fueled speculation and conspiracy theories about her whereabouts. Eventually, Kensington Palace released a photo of Kate with her children on March 10, taken by William at Windsor. The caption acknowledged Kate’s ongoing recovery from surgery and thanked well-wishers for their support.

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The controversy surrounding Middleton’s photoshoot and subsequent public appearances has raised questions about transparency and trust within the royal family.

The intention behind the photograph was twofold: to express gratitude to the public for their support during her recovery and to share a beautiful and meaningful image of her children. A source suggested that the statement from the Princess of Wales should help people move past the trolling and criticism that ensued after her surgery, which went too far.

Despite investigations, Kensington Palace has no plans to release the original, unedited photo. However, Instagram may consider the modified photo “misleading” and issue a warning label. Phil Chetwynd, the worldwide news director of Agence France-Presse, remarked that Buckingham Palace is “absolutely” no longer a trustworthy source after “clearly violating” journalistic principles, marking the beginning of the backlash.

Kate Middleton Had 'Wonderful' Mother's Day Despite Photo Controversy

The Photoshop debate remained unresolved even after the photo’s removal. A snapshot of William and Kate in their car on March 11 raised suspicions due to inconsistencies in the background. However, the photo agency clarified that while the image was cropped and brightened, no doctoring took place.

As for Kate’s whereabouts, speculation persists, despite William’s outwardly unchanged demeanor. On March 14, William visited a London facility called “West,” engaging in activities with young people. During a cookie decorating session, he made a cryptic comment about Kate’s artistic abilities and their children’s.

Reports of Kate and William shopping at a farm store near Windsor surfaced less than two weeks before Easter. According to a witness, Kate appeared happy and composed during the outing. The palace previously indicated that Kate would likely not resume public duties until after Easter, expectedly after March 31.