Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas” is often hailed as one of the greatest Christmas songs, resonating with its sensuous, brooding tone that captivated audiences, particularly adolescent females, in the late 1950s.

While George Michael’s “Last Christmas” is a fantastic song in its own right, it lacks the same timeless allure. However, imagine the magic of a slow ballad duet between a legendary Italian opera singer and a country-western celebrity—this collaboration elevates “Blue Christmas” to new heights.

Recorded for all to witness, Andrea Bocelli and Reba McEntire deliver a stunning and unique rendition of this beloved Christmas classic.

Andrea Bocelli, renowned as an Italian opera singer, composer, and producer, faced adversity at the age of 12 when he lost his sight due to a football injury and subsequent acute glaucoma. Despite this setback, Bocelli has achieved remarkable feats in the music industry, garnering numerous awards and earning acclaim as one of the finest opera singers of our era.

Bocelli revealed the reasoning behind their choice of song, expressing a touch of envy towards Elvis Presley, as he humorously admitted, “To be honest, I was a little envious of Elvis since all of my girlfriends admired him more than me when I was younger.” This sentiment inspired him to make a commitment to perform Presley’s iconic song one day.

Andrea Bocelli is accompanied by Reba on stage, marking a unique collaboration between opera and country-western music. Reba McEntire, a seasoned singer and actress in the country-western genre since 1989, brings her distinct style to the performance, complementing Bocelli’s opera background.

This fusion of genres may raise questions about its compatibility, but the result is a resounding success. While it deviates from the well-known Elvis version of the song, the rendition unfolds with a graceful ascent, eschewing drums, electric bass, and guitar in favor of a more classical approach.

The inclusion of violins, reminiscent of classical music instrumentation, adds to the enchanting atmosphere. To experience the full magic of this collaboration and their mesmerizing vocal performances, watch the complete video below and immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit they evoke.