Few are fortunate enough to find a soulmate who not only shares their joys but also embraces their sorrows and appreciates their subtle humor. Phedre Fitton and her husband, Nigel, shared a lifetime of love until her passing from cancer. Nigel was left heartbroken and struggled to come to terms with the loss of his devoted wife.

Before her departure, Phedre had one final request: she asked Nigel to tend to the plants she lovingly cared for in the bathroom, ensuring they were watered regularly. Without hesitation, this became Nigel’s daily ritual. He faithfully checked on the plants each day without fail. “They had been inseparable since they were 16, and he was devastated when she passed. So he simply honored her wishes,” remarked her daughter, Antonia Nicol.

Phedre was known for her sharp wit and sense of humor, but even in her absence, she continued to bring laughter to the family. As time went by, Nigel found himself reminiscing about his late fiancée whenever he tended to her beloved flowers. While watering them, he occasionally noticed water trickling down the drain, but it wasn’t until he planned to move five years after her passing that he uncovered Phedre’s playful prank.

“They looked so vibrant that he decided to take them with him to his new home,” Nicol shared. It was then that he realized they were actually plastic. Yet, instead of feeling upset, Nigel found joy in Phedre’s ability to orchestrate a prank that was both mischievous and humorous. “I was puzzled why they still looked so fresh,” he remarked.

People admired Nigel’s unwavering commitment to fulfilling his wife’s dying wish when a picture of him watering the plants was shared by Nicol. It was a touching testament to the enduring love and humor that Phedre brought to their lives.

“We joked a lot about it,” Nicol said, “and it was lovely to believe that my mother was still there with us.” This encouraged the whole family to reminisce about all of the enjoyable activities their mother and wife participated in while she was still living. Her vivacious personality was unlike any other, and she will be remembered as a charming lady who sought to bring joy to people. They imagine she is giggling from up high as her husband learns he has been played.