Mary and Ruth shared a striking resemblance as children until they reached the age of 11. It was then that Mary started to put on a significant amount of weight, eventually reaching a point where she was 300 pounds heavier than her sister by the time they appeared on the Oprah Show in 2005.

Despite Mary’s self-description as “the fat twin” and Ruth being seen as the “beautiful one,” both sisters faced their own weight-related challenges. Ruth battled with anorexia and bulimia out of fear of gaining weight like her sister Mary.

During their initial interview, Mary’s 13-year-old son, Chris, openly shared his fear of losing his mother due to her eating disorder. Six years later, a tragic event compelled Mary to finally take control of her life.

Oprah’s follow-up with the sisters revealed the deeply emotional catalyst behind Mary’s decision to make a change. It’s a poignant and sobering reminder for everyone to cherish life and not take it for granted.

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