Cheryl accused her husband of infidelity and sought revenge after his repeated trips to the garage. Discovering his transgressions, Cheryl took drastic measures to rectify her error, ultimately ruining her life.

“Where are you off to? Frank, I thought we could watch a movie tonight,” Cheryl said with a frown as her husband headed for the door post-dinner.

“I need to work on a few things at the garage,” Frank replied, slipping into his shoes. “I can’t later, and the rent for that space isn’t cheap; I have to make it worth it.”

“When will we finally see this car of yours?” she pressed.

“When it’s ready,” he said, kissing her before leaving the house.

Cheryl turned to their daughter. “Have you seen your dad’s car?”

Annie, 21, lived at home while attending a nearby college.

“Just drop it, Mom,” she shrugged. “You should get a hobby like Dad. I’m off to Sandra’s. Got a chem test coming up.”

Though Cheryl appeared calm, she was internally agitated. It seemed suspicious for her husband, who disliked cars, to buy and fix one up. That night, she covertly followed Frank, convinced he was not the man she married. He would leave after dinner, head to the garage, and return at strange hours.

She thought she detected another woman’s perfume as he got into bed.

Sitting in her car outside the garage rental, Cheryl watched as Frank looked back before entering the garage.

Needing proof of his betrayal, Cheryl barged in with her camera ready, only to see a blonde woman in a sequined dress exit the garage.

Cheryl’s jaw dropped. After the woman left, yelling at Frank seemed pointless. Once composed, she drove home, determined to retaliate against her husband.

Days later, Cheryl met an ex-lover at an upscale bar. “I can’t believe you called me,” he smiled as a waitress served their drinks.

Cheryl flipped her hair flirtatiously. “It’s been so long,” she said. “I didn’t know what I wanted back then, but now I realize I made a mistake when I chose otherwise,” she paused. “Are you married? Is this a bad time?”

“No, Cheryl. I’ve dated, but nothing serious. You were always the one,” Adam confessed. “And how’s Frank?”

“Our marriage… it’s falling apart,” she confessed, part of her ploy. “He’s uninteresting and neglectful. I would’ve left him long ago if not for our daughter.”

“So you’re splitting up?” Adam asked.

Before Cheryl could finish suggesting they rekindle their relationship, Adam agreed enthusiastically. A week later, she lured him to the garage at dinner time, anticipating Frank’s arrival.

As expected, the car was gone, but Cheryl found drawers, a wardrobe, and high heels inside. She presented the setting to Adam as Frank’s project space. “I’ve fantasized about a little rendezvous here,” she teased, leading him on.

“Really?” Adam played along.

Cheryl reminisced about their past as she seduced him, waiting for Frank to catch them. Just as things escalated, they heard a car outside.

“It’s probably for another unit,” she reassured him, continuing their escapade.

“I know where you keep your shoes,” a voice interrupted, startling Cheryl. It was Annie!

Cheryl panicked. “Oh, God! No! Into the closet, now!” She shoved Adam inside as the garage door opened, revealing Annie.

“Mom? Why are you here?” Annie asked, baffled.

“I thought your father was hiding something!” Cheryl exclaimed. “Where’s the car? Why are there women’s shoes and a vanity here?”

“I… I came to pick up some shoes for him,” Annie stammered, wiping her forehead.

“You knew? You knew he was cheating?” Cheryl gasped.

Annie shook her head. “Mom, come with me. He’s not cheating.”

An hour later, at a club, Annie procured drinks and pointed Cheryl to the stage where the same woman from the night before performed.

“You showed me your father’s mistress?” Cheryl yelled over the music.

“God, Mom! Look closer!”

Realization dawned on Cheryl as she recognized her husband beneath the makeup and attire.

“Frank?” she whispered, eyes wide.

Annie nodded. “It’s only been a few months, but it might have been a hidden desire or talent,” she explained.

Cheryl was stunned but clapped for Frank’s performance. Later, they met him backstage.

“Keep the wig, Frank,” Cheryl reassured him. “I thought you were unfaithful. I’m glad it’s just this.”

Cheryl later asked, “Did you wear my shoes?”

“At first, but they didn’t fit,” Frank admitted. “I’m still the same man, just expressing myself differently.”

Cheryl, relieved, accepted the situation more readily than expected, recognizing it brought Frank happiness and helped their finances.

But their peace was short-lived when Cheryl was arrested for attempted murder after her reckless attempt to manipulate her past lover backfired, leaving her to face her drastic decisions.