Kate Middleton has faced the consequences of chemotherapy: hair loss, thinning teeth, and exhaustion due to constant nausea.

“Kate and William are going through hell. Kate is making enormous efforts to hide the discomfort she is experiencing, especially from the children.

Kate Middleton 'resonated' with 'desperately sad' story in heartbreaking  confession | Royal | News | Express.co.uk

Unfortunately, this is becoming harder and harder. The intensive treatment aimed at fighting cancer does not come without consequences – Kate is suffering from hair loss and weight loss.

But she is fighting like a warrior.
William continues to do everything he can for his wife and father. He is trying to be a support for Kate, taking care of the children while also fulfilling his official duties.

Prince William, Kate Middleton give rare interview about mental health  during coronavirus pandemic - National | Globalnews.ca

For both of them, this is uncharted territory,” reported a high-ranking royal courtier.

We are wishing Kate Middleton a speedy recovery.