Get ready for an emotional ride! Witness the touching reunion of a military servicewoman and her beloved furry friend after a year apart.

Yes, her cherished companion is her adorable pup!

For 366 days, Kass Brown was separated from her precious canine companion, and it’s clear that the pup missed her dearly.

As Kass steps off the plane, her face radiates pure joy. Watch as she quickly moves to the front, kneels down, and hugs her beautiful four-legged friend.

One of the wonderful things about pets is their unwavering love. This affectionate pup unmistakably recognizes her mommy!

A viewer noted, “I thought it was going to be a child. This was so much cuter,” capturing the sentiment of many who love heartwarming reunions with furry friends.

Military Homecoming: Soldier Reunited With Her Favorite Girl After A Year Apart. – InspireMore

Another viewer humorously shared, “I hate these videos because I just turn into a big ol’ crybaby, LOL,” echoing the emotional response we all relate to!

Experience the tear-jerking reunion between this soldier and her loyal pup below. It’s sure to be an emotional moment!

@kassibrownn I’ll never be able to replace the 366 days i missed with my girl, but i will spend the rest of forever making it up to her. #militaryhomecoming #dogreunion #miltok ♬ Dandelions (slowed + reverb) – Ruth B. & sped up + slowed