When Danielle Davis married the love of her life, she envisioned a happy future. However, just seven months into their marriage, her husband Matt had a motorcycle accident and ended up on life support.

Doctors were pessimistic about his chances of recovery, urging Danielle to consider turning off the life support. Despite this, Danielle chose to keep Matt on life support, hoping for a miracle. “I felt that God could carry him through and handle the situation,” she said.

Once the hospital could no longer provide care, Matt was brought home, where Danielle and her mother-in-law took on the responsibility of looking after him, ensuring he was as comfortable as possible. “Let’s give him the best view in the world if he’s just going to be a body in a bed,” Danielle remarked.

As hope seemed to fade, Matt astonished everyone by waking up. The fact that he could open his eyes was seen as a miracle. He then began a slow process of psychological and physical recovery. Danielle was reassured about Matt’s unchanged personality when he was asked what he wanted to eat, and he responded, “Buffalo chicken wrap from Cheddar’s,” his favorite. “We all turned around because we understood what he said,” Danielle recalled.

Matt was later enrolled in another rehab program for two and a half months, and he left the facility using a walker, Danielle mentioned.

Although Matt’s sense of humor and long-term memory took time to return, he doesn’t remember dating or marrying Danielle. They are essentially rediscovering each other. She affectionately calls him “Mattie” or “cake,” and he calls her “baby” or “doughnut.”

They spend time together playing Scrabble and attending yoga classes. Recently, Matt started driving a stick shift car for fun because of his love for cars, as Danielle noted.

Despite the challenges, Matt’s sense of humor endures. He even offers lighthearted advice for husbands: “Take out the trash because there might be a day when you can’t.”

Matt’s journey is a testament to the power of prayer and faith in God. Observers of his incredible recovery remarked, “Just have faith; nothing is too big for our God.” Another added, “With God, anything is possible.”