The news of his family’s decision to adopt him was the most meaningful Christmas gift for 11-year-old Carter. As he read the letter containing this life-changing information, the emotions welled up inside him, and he couldn’t hold back his tears.

This heartwarming incident took place in Ohio, United States. Carter Wiles’ aunt, Leah Kiefart, revealed that those close to her were aware of the challenging circumstances Carter faced with his birth parents.

After discussions within the family, they unanimously agreed that welcoming Carter into their extended family would be the best course of action for him.

On Christmas Day, the entire Kiefart family gathered at their home to celebrate. Carter enjoyed spending time with his cousins, aunt, and uncle, soaking in the warmth of their love and support.

Amidst the array of gifts, Carter uncovered a letter and a photo. As he read the heartfelt message, tears streamed down his cheeks.

The letter conveyed a simple yet profound message: “Carter, please enjoy this latest family photo. We would all love for you to be in the next one, as a member of our family. Will you be Carter, our son, and a Kiefart brother? We love you,” wrote Carter’s aunt.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Carter nodded in agreement after finishing the letter. His aunt enveloped him in a warm embrace, and the entire family was deeply moved by the heartfelt moment.

With tears of joy and relief, Carter was assured that he could now call their home his indefinitely.