She is amazing, the two-year-old figure skater who dazzles everyone on the ice. Professional figure skaters make it look effortless with their grace and precise timing.

But it’s not easy at all. After all, people aren’t born knowing how to glide on ice on narrow metal blades. It takes years of intense training and a lot of practice, much more than just two years. A typical two-year-old is just learning to walk.

They can navigate around obstacles, more or less, and maybe go up and down stairs. They might be able to balance on one foot, but only briefly and often wobbly.

But what about ice skating?

A sweet two-year-old Russian child is already learning the art and science of ice skating. Perhaps the country’s well-known harsh winters motivate people to begin participating in winter sports early. But, throughout her entire life, this tiny girl has only seen two winters. She hasn’t mastered flying jumps like salchows, loops, or axles yet, but she has grasped certain fundamentals.

Oh, and did we mention she’s only two years old?

In the video we’ve posted below, you’ll see this incredible little girl rush from the edge of the ice and glide across it, already capable of doing so on just one skate. She looks adorable in her traditional dress and seems to be having a lot of fun.

There are many adults who can only stop by crashing into a wall, but this two-year-old effortlessly stops, spins quickly and strikes a pose. It makes us wonder what the minimum age is to compete in the Winter Olympics.