David, 12, was thrilled to buy new sneakers after saving for months, but he chose to buy boots for a classmate with damaged shoes instead. His generosity was unexpectedly rewarded.

At home, David always sat by the window on the school bus, enjoying the afternoon air and reminiscing about his soccer game that day.

“What you accomplished on the field today was incredible!” one of his friends exclaimed.

“I believe we have a national-level player on our hands, gentlemen. Get your signatures while they’re still available!” another player teased, patting David on the back.

David dreamed of playing for his country and making history like his soccer idols. He could almost taste the success as he imagined holding the championship trophy.

David often practiced his victory speech, planning to thank his mom for all her support.

“Excuse me, may I have a seat here?” a classmate asked, snapping David out of his daydream.

The classmate sat next to David, clutching his backpack and daydreaming about being the best soccer player in his class, just like David. He admired David’s skills, friends, and even his soccer shoes.

The classmate, Guillermo, was shy and struggled to make friends. One day, he mustered the courage to approach David.

“Hi, David! I’m Guillermo. I’m your biggest fan!”

“Hello, Guillermo! Thank you,” David replied, returning to his daydreaming.

“I… love your shoes!” Guillermo blurted out.

“These? They’re old and falling apart. You should see the new ones I’m getting,” David said, eyes lighting up at the thought of his dream sneakers.

“Tell me more about them!” Guillermo asked, hiding his worn-out shoes in embarrassment.

David described the bright orange shoes with incredible grip, which he had saved for months to buy. He didn’t want to burden his mom, who worked hard to support him and his twin sisters.

David had saved enough money from his morning paper route and lemonade stand. He excitedly told Guillermo he would buy the shoes that evening and even invited him to come along.

But when the bus hit a pothole, Guillermo’s worn-out shoe fell off, revealing its poor condition. Guillermo was embarrassed and cried silently. David, moved by Guillermo’s situation, decided to change his plans.

“Be ready by 5 p.m.!” David reminded Guillermo, planning to take him shopping.

At the store, David surprised Guillermo by buying him a pair of new boots instead of the sneakers he had saved for.

Mr. Manning, the store owner, noticed their interaction and felt inspired. He decided to do something special.

Later, Mr. Manning visited David’s home with a truck full of shoes.

“I overheard you at the store, David. I saw you let go of your dream shoes to help a friend in need. Such kindness and friendship should be rewarded. Take as many pairs as you want for you, your mother, and the twins. And let’s get some for Guillermo and his family too,” Mr. Manning said.

David, seeking his mother’s permission, eagerly accepted the generous offer. They hurried to share the new shoes with Guillermo and his family, celebrating the unexpected kindness and friendship.