Recently released footage is shocking, as it reveals the moment authorities uncovered the hiding place of a man allegedly abducted as a teenager in 1997.

Omar Bin Omran disappeared at the age of 17 while on his way to vocational school in Algeria. After almost 27 years, authorities finally located him, as shown in the footage shared on X and broadcasted on Algerian TV networks.

In the video, Omran, now 45, can be seen looking up towards the light of a torch from what appears to be a hole in the ground, surrounded by hay. Subsequent scenes show the flashing lights as authorities continue their investigation.

Surprisingly, Omran was found beneath the floor of what seems to be a sheep pen, only 300 feet away from his family’s home.

Upon his discovery, the 61-year-old man accused of holding him captive tried to escape but was caught and remains in custody.

Omran’s disappearance during the Algerian Civil War led his family to believe he had been abducted or killed, though his mother held onto hope until her passing in 2013.

Investigations were reignited after the accused captor’s brother, a civil servant, hinted at his involvement in a social media post during an inheritance dispute.

Upon searching the man’s residence, authorities discovered a trapdoor concealed beneath the hay.

A court official disclosed that Omran is receiving medical and psychological treatment following his rescue, while the suspect awaits trial for what is described as a ‘heinous crime.’