No doubt, all babies are beautiful.

Their images flood social media because it’s impossible to resist looking at a sleeping baby, admiring their tiny nose, limbs, and legs…

And when a newborn looks remarkably different from others, it’s truly a sight to behold.

In Hungary, a baby weighing about five kilograms was born and named Benz.

The baby was born completely healthy but with some highly unusual features.

He was born with entirely gray hair!

Doctors conducted numerous examinations, but they couldn’t determine the cause of the gray hair.

Initially suspected to be albinism, this was ruled out.

Benz is the family’s third child, and neither of the two older children has this feature.

The doctors’ next assumption was that perhaps the mother experienced a highly stressful situation during pregnancy, which might have caused the baby to be born like this.

However, the parent claims that the entire pregnancy was very calm.

There were absolutely no worries or stresses.

Scientists suggest that blond hair in children is genetic.

As for Benz’s case, the cause could potentially be related to a lack of vitamin B12 or a mutation of hair cells.

Now Benz has become a small celebrity in his hometown. He is affectionately called the “Charming Prince.”