She was born five years ago, and her eyes captivated the entire world.

We’ll reveal who Sofia inherited her striking appearance from and show you how she looks now.

One glance at the family and it’s clear they are an international one: both parents have distinctive and intriguing features.

The father’s attractiveness—tall, fair-haired, blue-eyed, with a straight narrow nose and thin lips—contrasts with the beauty of his partner. She has black hair, dark skin, brown eyes, full lips, and wears a hijab, indicating her Eastern cultural heritage.

It appears that the woman is from Malaysia. Two years after their marriage, their first daughter was born in a Swedish hospital.

The baby was named Jahaa Sofia, and she inherited the best features from both her parents. Her face, nose, and lips are all lovely, but it’s her large eyes that truly stand out.

Her eyelashes are particularly beautiful and very thick, and her eyes have always captivated internet users.

The parents shared a photo of their baby online, sparking widespread discussion. Commentators admired the newborn’s beauty, predicting she would become an actress or model.

In fact, Jahaa has already experienced a wave of popularity: she has over 7,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and nearly 70,000 followers on Instagram. She would have even more fans, but her previous account was hacked, necessitating the creation of a new one. Jahaa is now almost 8 years old.

The girl has already participated in a photo shoot for a local magazine and actively promotes products from advertisers on Instagram.

She enthusiastically poses in front of the camera and enjoys making short videos with her sister Amira.

Living in Stockholm, they share their everyday lives online, which their subscribers love.

Despite her online presence, Jahaa has an ordinary childhood. She draws pictures, recites poems, goes on slides, watches animals, and is learning to write.

When her mother posts images online, everyone comments on how beautiful Jahaa is. Even simple videos of her having lunch or answering her mother’s questions captivate people.

When children like Jahaa are also talented, they quickly win the audience’s hearts. As a result, Jahaa has a strong chance of becoming well-known.