The courageous act of a 10-year-old boy assisting in the delivery of his newborn brother is a testament to the saying “not all heroes wear capes.” His quick thinking and composed demeanor saved both his mother’s and the newborn’s lives.

When Jayden Fontenot’s pregnant mother unexpectedly went into labor at 34 weeks, he sprang into action after her water broke while she was using the bathroom. Ashley, caught off guard by the situation with the baby’s legs visible, had to react swiftly to stabilize the situation.

10-Year-Old Delivers His Mom's Baby, Saves His Brother's Life

In a panic, Ashley called out to her son Jayden, the eldest child aside from her 11-month-old sister, to come to the bathroom. This was an incredibly frightening moment for Ashley as she sat on the bathroom floor. The baby’s legs had turned purple, indicating a lack of oxygen. Jayden acted swiftly by rushing to his grandmother’s house to call 911.

In a bid to save the baby’s life, Ashley summoned all her remaining strength, aided by her son, who held the baby’s leg and assisted in pulling as she pushed in distress.

After successfully delivering the baby and realizing he wasn’t breathing, Jayden hurried to the kitchen to fetch a nasal aspirator and helped clear the newborn’s airway with his mother’s guidance. Shortly after completing this critical task, emergency medical responders arrived at their home to transport Ashley and her newborn brother to the hospital.

This courageous act by the 10-year-old not only amazed his stepfather but also left viewers impressed. One viewer even suggested that Jayden’s actions could mark the beginning of a potential career in the medical field.