Seeing a happy infant can turn anyone’s day around. This sentiment was echoed by the online community after a video of a mother singing to her young twins went viral. The heartwarming video is rapidly gaining traction and has been shared numerous times.

In the video, two cute newborns listen to their mother sing a hymn, and their emotions are priceless. You might find it impossible to watch without giggling from ear to ear, covered in smiles and momentary expressions of wonder.

The babies were only four months old when their mother filmed the video, according to her post. Born prematurely, their adjusted age is two months.

“Our lovely infant twins have been hearing this music since they were in the womb,” the mother explained. As she sang the song, their faces lit up, as if they remembered hearing it before they were born.

The video, initially shared on Facebook by the proud mother, has since garnered over 1.6 million views. She captioned it, “Children will inherit the earth because of their purity and authenticity.”

The babies steal the spotlight in this touching video, but the mother’s voice is also noteworthy. Her lovely, soothing voice enhances the joy of watching the video.

Baby videos often go viral due to their irresistible cuteness, and this one is no exception. It leaves viewers with a warm and contented feeling after watching it.